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OceanJet's Exciting Routes – Explore the Philippines with Us!

December 27, 2023

Embark on a thrilling adventure across the stunning islands of the Philippines with OceanJet! As we usher in the month of December, we are delighted to share our extensive list of routes designed to connect you to the most beautiful destinations. Buckle up for a journey filled with comfort, speed, and the picturesque landscapes of the Philippines.

Current Routes of Oceanjet:

Cebu - Getafe, Bohol  v.v.

Cebu - Tagbilaran v.v.

Cebu - Dumaguete v.v. (Connecting via Tagbilaran) 

Cebu - Siquijor v.v. (Connecting via Tagbilaran)

Cebu - Ormoc v.v.

Cebu - Palompon v.v.

Cebu - Loon, Bohol v.v.

Bacolod - Iloilo v.v.

Batangas - Calapan v.v 

Upcoming Adventure in Palawan

Stay tuned for our exciting new routes in Palawan, launching in 2024. Get ready to explore more of the Philippines' natural wonders with OceanJet!

How to Stay Updated

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Set sail with OceanJet, where every journey is an experience, and every destination is a discovery. Safe travels, Jetters!

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