Siquijor is an island of beauty and mystery with a tradition of folk healing but what visitors will discover is that Siquijor is a true island destination with spectacular views, white sand beaches, friendly villages, and lots of places to explore.Siquijor`s distinctive natural marine attractions range from dive sites, rich marine life and extensive mangroves to white sandy beaches and bays. Natural inland attractions include waterfalls, flowing springs, tree parks and cave-most of which are unexplored.


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Historical and Cultural Landmarks

Cang-Isok House (Enrique Villanueva)

A century-old house made of bamboo and “tugas”.

San Antonio Village (Siquijor)

A village where elderly men and women are engaged in the preparation of folk and herbal medicine during the Lenten Season.

Capilay Spring

A natural spring converted into a swimming pool located in the town of San Juan. Many locals use the cool water for a swim or enjoy the shade of the spring park for a picnic.

Cambugahay Falls

Cambugahay Falls is the only enchanted falls in the Island. See its several levels of waterfalls and enjoy its cool and refreshing waters. Secluded and relatively unexplored, the waterfalls surely invite trekkers for a refreshing dip.



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