Iloilo, one of the provinces found in the Panay Island is rich with cultural and historical treasures. These include the Jaro Cathedral, Miagao Church, San Joaquin Church, Casa Real de Iloilo, Panay Liberation Marker, and more.Its other treasures are not found on the streets but on the dining table, The Illongo`s prowess in the kitchen manifests in their array of mouthwatering dishes, the most famous of which is the La Paz Batchoy. For more info, visit

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Historical and Cultural Landmarks

Plaza Libertad(Iloilo City)

Where the flag of the First Philippine Republic was raised in triumph after Spain surrendered Iloilo, her last capital in the islands, to the revolutionaries led by Gen. Martin Delgado on December 25, 1898. Available transport-jeepney.

Panay Liberation Marker

23 km. southwest of Iloilo City; commemorates American liberation of Panay from the Japanese in 1945. Available transport-jeepney.

Japanese Fortification(Cabatuan)

Built by the Japanese as a lookout point for enemies. Available transport-jeepney.

Balantang Memorial Center

A national shrine located at Balantang, Jaro, Iloilo City. The only military cemetery established outside Metro Manila. The bloodiest battle of the guerrilla forces of Col. Macario Peralta, Jr. had occurred in these hallowed grounds of Balantang and vicinity from Feb. 6 up to the liberation of Iloilo City on March 20, 1945.

Memorial Cemetery Museum

Located in Balantang, Jaro, Iloilo City. WW II vintage firearms, sub machine guns and 81 mortars are displayed. Photographs and situation maps depicting historical events are likewise exhibited.


11 km. southwest of Iloilo City, seat of Confederation of Madiaas under Datu Paiburong; where the temple in honor of Virgin Mary was built by Fr. Martin de Rada around 1570; 1st pueblo in Panay in 1571; accepted on May 3.

Jaro Belfry

Ruined by a 1948 earthquake, but now restored. One of the few belfries in the country that stands apart from the church. Available transport-jeepney.

Rosendo Mejica Museum(Baluarte, Molo, Iloilo City)

Repository of valuable memorabilia, social & cultural literature in Hiligaynon, English & Spanish dating from the last quarter of the 19th century to the 6th decade of the 20th century.

Old Buildings at Downtown Area(Downtown Iloilo)

J.M. Basa St. or Calle Real boasts of buildings that date back during the Spanish and American colonial periods. Available transport-jeepney.

Kuta(Watchtower) (Bgy. Baybay Norte, Poblacion)

Stone watchtower constructed with the same material as the Roman Catholic church of Miag-ao.



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