Camotes Island

Camotes Islands is a group of islands in the Camotes Sea, Philippines. The island group is located east of Cebu Island, southwest of Leyte Island, and north of Bohol Island.”. – Wikipedia




Santiago Bay

One of the most popular and beautiful beaches in the Camotes. It’s a wonderful gorgeous spot and a perfect way to enjoy some of the best the Camotes has to offer. Source

Buho Rock

A coral rock shaped like a small ship docked at a port in one of the cliffs of the Western Poblacion. It is situated in one of the few public beach resorts on the island and is a great place to be as a viewing deck to explore the turquoise waters of Camotes’ ocean with your naked eyes. Source

Lake Danao

Lake Danao is located in the northern part of Pacijan Island, one of Camotes Islands’ smaller islands in Cebu Province. The lake has a shape of a guitar whose park is the entry point in accessing the lake itself. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island. Source

Holy Crystal Cave

The Holy Crystal Cave was discovered by Mr. Avito Formentera in 1996 while he was gathering firewood. According to Mr. Formentera, the water from the Holy Crystal Cave has miraculous properties. It is said to cure common aches and pains, including muscle pains, skin irritation, and even fever, among others. In addition, the stalagmites inside the cave seem to look like some recognizable figures in the culture of Cebu, including the Santo Niño and the Virgin Mary. A British archeologist discovered a human bone in inside the cave that is around 5,000 years old. Source

Panganuron Falls

This waterfall can be found on Poro Island in Barangay Libertad, about 45 minutes walk inland on a pretty rough trail. Source

Timubo Cave

The Timubo Cave is located in the middle of a farm where crops are grown. In fact the freshwater inside the cave supplies much of the needs of the residents in the area. Unlike other caves with huge openings, the entrance to the cave is a small hole on the ground. While the exterior may not look like much, you will see a good number of stalactites and stalagmites once you go inside the cave. Source




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