Ticket Promos

One Way Promo for Cebu-Tagbilaran or Vice Versa

Before Departure Date Rate of Ticket
On Date or Advance Php 500.00 (only for tourist class accommodation)
On Date or Advance Php 450.00 (only for open-air accommodation)

One Way Promo for Cebu – Ormoc or Vice Versa

Before Departure Date Rate of Ticket
On Date or Advance Php 600.00 (Tourist Class Accommodation)
On Date or Advance Php 550.00 (Open Air Accommodation) 

 One Way Promo for Cebu – Camotes and Vice Versa

Before Departure Date Rate of Ticket  Status
On Date Php 450.00 (Tourist Class Accommodation) Not Available


Libre Balik

The Libre-Balik promo is limited seats only. First come first serve.

This promo is not available as of the moment, until further notice.

Before Departure Date Rate of Ticket Status
On Date or Advanced Php 800.00 (for tourist class accommodation) Not Available

**This promo is not available for online booking.

The LIBRE BALIK Mechanics

1.  Open to OceanJet passengers under specific routes and for tourist class or open air accommodation only.

2.  The Libre Balik ticket/s is limited, non re-routable nor transferable.  The passenger is only paying one way (the first ticket), the second ticket is complimentary.  Complimentary ticket (dated or open dated) is valid within six (6) days from date of passenger’s departure.  Likewise, complimentary ticket (no fare) is non-refundable.

In case of a cancelled trip, the validity of the complimentary ticket is extended to another six (6) day period commencing from the date of cancellation.

In the event that the vessel has no Open- Air accommodation or no more Open Air is available, the passenger shall upgrade the ticket but shall pay the corresponding charges.

3.  The fare for Libre Balik shall vary with the route, availability of allocated libre balik seats and the date of purchase.  This is book and buy basis.

4.  An Open-dated complimentary ticket can only be booked or validated after the first (paid) ticket is used.  Booking or validating procedure which is one hour prior to departure time and the cutoff time must be strictly observed and will be on a first come-first serve basis.

5.  Generally, Libre-balik tickets (paid or complimentary), are non-refundable (as stamped on the ticket).  But, it can be revoked or revalidated subject to rebooking or revalidation charges, plus the fare difference whenever applicable.  Rebooking or revalidation of complimentary ticket alone must be within the six (6) day (from date of departure) validity period.

However, Libre-balik paid ticket without “NON-REFUNDABLE” stamped or written on the ticket can be refunded.  Provided both tickets (paid and complimentary) are not used.

6.  Complimentary ticket can be used ahead of the first (paid) ticket, but, it makes the first (paid) ticket VOIDED (cannot be used anymore).

7.  Passenger (i.student, minor, senior citizen, etc.) who avails the Libre Balik, can no longer enjoy any of the discounts mandated by law.  The Libre balik is substantially superior than the discount.


This Libre-Balik mechanics form part of the OceanJet ticket full terms and conditions.