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bg-telescope Delays, cancellation and travel advisory page

Keep updated on possible changes in travel schedules, delays and cancellation in your trips with us.  


bg-ship Planning a trip in the future, but you don’t know when?

Our flexibility in booking can help you obtain your tickets even if you can’t figure out your travel schedule… for now.

We offer open-dated tickets so you don’t have to queue up if you’re set to travel in your favorite destination in the future. 


bg-check Missed your last boarding with us?

Learn from here if you are qualified for a refund or if your ticket can be used to re-book a trip with us.

OceanJet can give refunds for unused (not yet checked-in) tickets if they are not more than six (6) months from date of issuance.


bg-ticket If you want to know the whole score about planning a trip and booking a ticket with OceanJet, our whole page of terms and conditions can give you just that.

OceanJet provides a wealth of information, tips and flexible offers to keep you well-informed and ready for your next itinerary.


If you want us to personally assist you in case you have inquiries not covered here, be sure to send us a message through our contact page. We’d be happy to be of assistance for you!

Surely, you’ve made the right choice in booking your sea travel at OceanJet.