Company Profile

Ocean Fast Ferries Inc., a wholly owned Filipino corporation, located at PPA Warehouse Building, Pier 1, North Reclamation area is the owner and operator of a fastcraft (fast passenger boats) serving presently strategic routes in the Visayas areas. 

Then known as Socor Shipping Line, the company accidentally plunged into the fast craft business in the later part of the 90’s when it’s broker tapped to source out a vessel for procurement for barging operations came out empty handed and instead offered a 2nd hand high speed craft. now known as M/V Oceanjet1. 

Birth pains never came short-lived and challenges were in abundance as mastery of operations is elusive but patience, perseverance and dedication was their best weapon. 

In pursuit of excellence quality personnel and the so called best minds in the industry and the best personalities were sought and employed. Like the grizzled players in the industry, pressures brought about the meticulous eye to perfection caused personnel to fall out else move out, though leaving behind marks of excellence. 

The present core with passion and dedication acted like jigsaw players in putting the pieces together, considering the superior inputs and discarding inferior ones plus the smarts of the senior officers who were part of the pioneers that opted to stay behind and see the endeavor through, gave the company the aura of invincibility. 

Oceanjet2 was the second vessel to be acquired and with all the mastery based on experience the rest is now history. The company decided to change their name into what is now known as Ocean Fast Ferries Corporation. Now bigger than ever yet humble in many ways the company presently have five (5) high speed craft in its fleet with the addition of three brand new high speed crafts known as Oceanjet3, Oceanjet5, and Oceanjet6 and some acquisition from other players who yielded to the stiffness of the competition within the industry. With its motto “taking you there fast and easy”, the company has created a niche in the market who loves to be pampered and finds Oceanjet easy to deal with. 

Oceanjet offers service flexibility considering the markets discriminating and demanding taste. Confined but comfortable smoking areas were set up both in the terminal and on board the craft. The only one in the industry that offers airline buckets that relines or tilts to comfortable wishes in its business class accommodation. 

Flat plasma televisions that beams out the much sought after latest and vintage box office movies on board for complete viewing entertainment during the entire trip and branded by many as a high speed floating cinemas. Oceanjet ever adapting to the changing times and market needs have continuously innovated to meet all this demands of the times. State of the art fully air-conditioned passenger terminal of international standard equipped with the latest in technological wonders was set up with pampering service as a guiding principle. 

The passenger terminal offers free wireless internet connection (wifi) so that passengers may surf the internet or check emails both personal and business wirelessly within the zone. 

A one stop shop set-up allows the waiting passengers to while their time away without fear of missing the trips. The passenger’s urge to be in the terminal with the craft just about to leave is a thing of the past as the fully air-conditioned passenger terminal practically offers almost everything, from a cafeteria that offers simple snacks to sumptuous heavy meals, a convenience store that offers a bit of everything to travelers like “pasalubong” or gift shop & souvenir items, a cinematic waiting lounge with favorite movies filling up the waiting gaps. Male and female comfort rooms to ease up personal necessities. Powder areas for women to make final facial touch-ups and where toddlers may have diapers changed to stay fresh always. 

In the pipeline is wireless internet connection while jet setting on board to your favorite destination, and a breastfeeding section for the caring mothers. This is going to be another first in the industry. 

Ocean fast Ferries Inc., lean and mean set-up assures the riding public quick attention to their concerns as personnel are empowered on certain areas, else the lean set-up allows vital concerns to reach the ears of the concerned department team leader in a snap.