Reminders & Travel Tips

img-blue-round-arrow It is required for passengers to present their valid ID’s  upon check-in.  No ID to present, no check-in. 

img-blue-round-arrow OceanJet ticket is non-transferable.  Presented valid ID’s should match the passenger’s name as encoded on the ticket.

img-blue-round-arrow At least 30 minutes before departure time is required for passengers to check-in.

img-blue-round-arrow To check-in, pre-printed tickets or tickets bought at the OceanJet port must be presented together with the check-in slips.

img-blue-round-arrow Each passenger is allowed to bring one (1) hand-carried baggage upon check-in.

img-blue-round-arrow Bringing of pets is allowed if the pets are securely put inside a cage. Upon check-in, a permit from the Bureau of Quarantine must be presented for passengers with pets.