Frequently Asked Questions
  • What to present during boarding?
    Please present a valid ID that matches the name on the ticket upon check-in. Passengers must check-in at least 30-minutes before time of departure.
  • Can the ticket be transferred to another person?
    OceanJet ticket is non-transferable. Whatever the name is stated on the ticket should match the valid ID’s presented upon check-in.
  • Is a refund possible if the passenger fails to board the carrier on the intended schedule?
    If the ticket is not yet checked-in, the ticket can still be refunded (if refundable) but subject to a 40% surcharge. Ticket and a valid ID are required for refund.
  • Is a refund possible if the carrier has cancelled its voyage?
    OceanJet reserves the right to bring the passengers to the port of destination as stated on the ticket by any reasonable means possible or you will get a refund in full.
  • Is there a full refund if the voyage is cancelled?
    Definitely, the full value of the ticket shall be refunded. But for tickets purchased on normal voyages and you've decided to cancel your trip, you will not get full refund. OceanJet shall impose surcharges on returned tickets for refund.
  • Is there a refund if the ticket is returned?
    Absolutely. However, you will not get a full refund. If the ticket is not yet checked-in, a refund of only 80% of the ticket value can be received; that is, if the carrier does not depart. If the carrier departs and you haven’t checked-in, a refund of 60% of the ticket value can be given to you upon demand. For checked-in tickets, 50% of the ticket value will be paid back if the carrier has not departed.
  • When is refund not possible?
    a. If the ticket is lost. b. If the ticket is availed during the promotion or on discounts. c. If a passenger is checked-in but failed to get on board the carrier.
  • How many hand-carried baggage is allowed per passenger on board the Carrier?
    Only one hand-carried baggage is allowed per passenger. Hand-carried baggage must contain valuables and must not exceed fifteen (15) kilograms. It should have a dimension that must not exceed 25 cm x 35 cm x 40 cm.
  • How long can I claim my baggage?
    Unclaimed baggage is in the carrier’s custody until thirty (30) days. Beyond that, any unclaimed baggage will be disposed.
  • If sick, can a passenger board the carrier?
    If found to have a contagious disease, the passenger will be refused to board the carrier. Medical clearance issued by a physician or any competent medical practitioner must be presented for passengers with minor ailments. The passenger must take consideration the wellness of other passengers before traveling on board the carrier.
  • Are pregnant women allowed to be on board the Carrier?
    Pregnant women shall be allowed to board the carrier if they are less than or equal to 24 weeks or 6 months to a full term with a medical certificate attesting their fitness to undertake sea travel. They must sign a waiver of liability in favor of the carrier and must present, upon boarding the vessel. Otherwise, the carrier reserves the right to deny them boarding the vessel. Pregnant women with more than the allowable pregnancy period may be denied boarding.
  • Are live animals allowed on board the carrier?
    Permit from the Bureau of Quarantine is required for the pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits and other household pets. Pets should be properly caged. All live animals transported by the Carrier shall be at passenger/owner's risk.
  • How about plants, fish, vegetables and other similar items, are they allowed on board the Carrier?
    Plants, vegetables, fish and other similar items should be properly packed and sealed for them to be allowed on board the carrier. A Quarantine Permit must be secured and presented for the plants, fish and vegetables and other similar items to be brought on board.
  • Is there anything I should know about OceanJet’s terms and conditions?
    If you want to be educated in full of our general terms and conditions, you may read them here. For promos and packages, please click here.