Before You Board

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To make your voyage with OceanJet fun and enjoyable, it is relevant to be well-informed of certain policies before boarding the ship.  This section can help you learn how to enjoy your trip on board the carrier.  

Be guided on the carrier’s policy towards bringing of firearms and other things you need to know to board the ship.

Want to know if you can carry your pet on board the carrier?

Our FAQ’s page provides concise and relevant information concerning your right as a passenger especially in carrying your priceless possessions including your pets. Relevant details are also in store the FAQ’s such as refund entitlement and necessary things to do and carry before checking-in OceanJet.

Moreover, basic reminders and more tips are in details on our Reminders and travel tips page.

Practicing safety and security is of paramount importance in traveling with us. But it is also significant to be properly informed to make your travel with OceanJet a smooth-sailing experience.